• " Panata" A promise

    During holy week in the small town of lucban many people performs a  “panata” or promise which mean a repayment for a prayer that was  granted. The rope that are being used in the image of the dead christ  “mahal na señor” and the rubbing of white clothes or fabric during  procession believes to have a healing power and brings luck to those who  will use it.

    " Mang Lando "


    These series is all about representation. I used myself as a medium to show, represent or to be in others shoe. This is an on going project from my series "pulled up" with the expansion of concepts and ideas. I used different materials to cover the face in order to reveal rather than to conceal.

    Bedroom extension

    We all get tired in our daily commute so taking a nap is an option.

    My bus ride

    Taking the opportunity to capture my daily routine in riding the bus.

    Pulled up

    These series of photos are my experimentation on using fabric/stockings in order to pull and perform actions on others face. 

    Floating Life

    These are series of photos taken in Ton le sap in Cambodia.. one of their tourist destinations.

    People Of Angkor

    Long Exposed